Styled Shoot Checklist

1-Page Guide to Planning Your Next Styled Shoot!

So you want to do a styled shoot? Fantastic! But where do you start?  

You know that styled shoots are a key component in helping take your business and craft to the next level. You also know that it’s one of the best ways to book more of your dream clients. So get started now! 

To help, I'm excited share my 1-Page step-by-step styled shoot checklist. I originally created it to help systemize my workflow and stay organized when planning styled shoots. Now I use this for every shoot I put together, and hope you find it helpful too!

Whether you're putting together your first styled shoot, or have led one in the past, this interactive PDF checklist will help you keep on track and make the process of putting together styled shoots both easy and fun! 

Download the guide below and put it to use to help plan your next amazing styled shoot!

xoxo Chelsea